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I purchased Thermal-Gard windows from New Frontier Construction in Lincoln NE in August of 2010 for $16,100. I based my decision on three major points.

The salesman showed me that all the gas had leaked out of my present windows by showing me the seal in the corner was broken because you could see daylight through them. However when the new windows were being installed I noticed the exact same situation, the seal appeared to be broken and I could see daylight through the corners, I asked the installers about it and they told me that has nothing to do with the seal of the gas. With this information I don't feel my original windows were bad at all.

We initially only wanted a new patio door but the salesman told us that if we change all the windows in the house they would guarantee a 42% reduction in utility costs. He referred to this savings numerous times throughout his presentation and said they can offer 42% because they know it will be more like 60 to 70%. However since installation was complete my electric bill increased $6 a month and my gas bill stayed the same even though we had a much milder winter.

The salesman also claimed the glass had a breakage warranty. He said "I see you have two boys, if their playing baseball and break a window it will be replaced for free. I than asked "so I could take a hammer and smash the window" at that point he interrupted me and said " it would be replaced free but we hope you don't break them on purpose.

The three reasons we purchased these windows, gas leakage from my current windows, glass breakage warranty, and most of all the 42% reduction in utility cost, were nothing more than fabrications to trick us into buying these windows. He assured me all this information would be in the warranty packet if we purchased the windows. When we received the warranty packet the accidental breakage of windows was expressly excluded and no information about a 42% guarantee was included.

We were also expecting a complete window replacement including all frames and were completely shocked to discover the new windows just snapped into our existing frames. This may be a legitimate way of replacement but I was never told this and would have been very hesitant to continue with the purchase had I been told.

After final installation, two months latter than our promised installation date, we immediately noticed we could feel air blowing through the frame of the window, not between the windows frame and the existing frame but directly through the windows frame, and windows whistled horribly loud whenever the wind blew keeping my entire family awake at night. A representative from the installation crew came out three times over a several month period trying to stop the air leak through the windows frame that was causing the whistling. Silicon was pumped into the windows frame each of the three times trying to get it stopped. He told us it would only happen on the double windows not the single ones. After the third attempt the whistling seemed to stop. However with the changing seasons, changing wind direction and speed, the single windows started whistling and windows that we thought were fixed started again. At this time we also noticed a crack in the seam of the windows frame in the living room, the patio screen door will not lock and a bedroom screen will not stay in the up position.

I called New Frontier several times trying to get these problems fixed but no one would ever come out to look at them. Finally I was told that they would just order the frame and would call when it came in. After several months passed I again tried to contact New Frontier, however all the phone numbers I had except one were no longer in service. The only number that worked was a cell phone and that person would not return my calls.

Being totally isolated from contact I had no other choice but to file a complaint with the Nebraska Better Business Bureau. The result of the two letters filed was renewed contact and the promise that all repairs would be completed. An appointment was scheduled for July 2, 2012 at 9:00 am. At 10:30am after no one showed up I called New Frontier and was told they didn't turn their calendar and forgot that I had an appointment and their repairman was already on another job. It stands to reason that if the repair man was on another job that person must have had an appointment also and was probably written on the same calendar as my appointment. This leads me to believe that my appointment was simply disregarded.

After a number of apologies another appointment was scheduled for July 5, 2012 at 10 or 10:30am. At around 9:30am I received a call from New Frontier saying they weren't going to be able to make the appointment because they didn't have a vehicle big enough to haul the window frame. The frame in question is 25 inches wide and 21 inches tall and could easily fit into the trunk or back seat of every vehicle on the road today but I'm supposed to believe a construction company doesn't have a large enough vehicle. I called the company back and after further conversation decided they had the wrong frame, which doesn't surprise me because no one would ever come out and look at it, I was then told just to be safe and insure the right material was ordered they would send their repairman out on July 9th, 2012. I informed them they would have to come after 3:30 pm to ensure someone would be home for the repairman. Once again no one showed up and I received no phone calls.

We have been very angry and frustrated throughout this nightmare. We were deceived and tricked into buying these windows with promises of savings and have been given the run around from the very beginning. I don't feel New Frontier has any intention of fixing any of my issues or honoring their warranty and it would be a shame if they are allowed to continue doing this.

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Dorchester, Nebraska, United States #854825

My parents purchase 2 windows from this company and never got them installed most worthless company ever now they are supposedly out of business prob starting a new company to rip more people off


Paid for my windows in January 2013.This company continued to say my windows weren't ready.

I demanded a set date for my windows to be installed when the day came the told me the windows were on back order. I was told they would refund my money. It has been over a month and I have not seen my money.

Very poor business ethics.Would not recommend!!!!

to Cecil #814640

The owner is in prison for tax evasion. You will never see your money and neither will I (They ripped me off too) :(


Worked here as a sales rep and never got paid. :sigh

to SCAM SCAM #814642

Wonder if you were the *** who lied to me about the quality and designs of the windows. If so you don't deserve your pay for ripping people off. :(

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #612125

Do you remember the first name of the. Sales rep?


I also have been suckered into buying these windows.I went for the triple pane windows which are very expensive.

I was told these were supposed to be very high quality and that they came with a "Double Lifetime Warranty". They lied about the quality and spewed out keywords just to make a sale. Their sales person was very pushy and frustrating to work with.

Their communication was poor and they were unprofessional about their scheduling.I would not recommend New Frontier Construction or Thermal Gard windows to anyone after this horrible experience.

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